httportmapd — Application portmapper


httportmapd [--http] [--daemon] [--port=n] [--socket=filename] [--files=directory] { start | stop }


This daemon implements an HTTP-based portmapper service for applications built with LibCXX.

start starts the portmapper daemon, stop stops it. If the portmapper daemon was already started, start restarts it. Normally, specifying --daemon forks the service as a daemon process that runs in the background. This option may be omitted for debugging or diagnostic purposes, resulting in httportmapd continuing to run in the foreground.

--http opens and listens for requests on the HTTP port. Without this option, httportmapd expects another server, like Apache, to do that and invoke httportmapd via CGI for all /portmap requests. In CGI mode it is still necessary to start httportmapd beforehand, separately.

The remaining options are not needed, and exist for diagnostic purposes. --port overrides the default HTTP port 80. --socket sets the internal filesystem socket that httportmapd uses for connections from registered clients, and --files sets the directory containing httportmapd's static HTTP files.

Opening http://hostname/portmap in a modern browser displays all registered services, if any. Opening http://localhost/portmap shows registered services that listen on network ports and on local filesystem sockets.