cxxwtheme — Set default display theme for LibCXXW-based applications




Opens a window listing all themes known to the LibCXX Widget Toolkit. The dropdown list in the top-left corner selects a theme, and buttons that select any available theme options appear below. A slider to the right controls the scale for magnifying or reducing the theme's apparent size.

Selecting a theme, an option, or adjusting the theme's scale redraws the window using the new settings. The bottom of the window displays a sampling of widgets, and serves as a preview of the theme's appearance. The window's menus don't serve any specific function other than to demonstrate their appearance with the currently shown display theme.

The Cancel button closes the window without making the changes permanent. Set makes the theme take effect for the duration of the current session/login only (or until it's changed again). Set and save also saves the theme as the default for all future sessions.



Saved theme settings.