Lists with multiple columns

x::w::new_listlayoutmanager new_list;


x::w::focusable_container list=f->create_focusable_container(
       (const x::w::focusable_container &c)

x::w::listlayoutmanager llmanager=list->get_layoutmanager();


This is an example of creating a list with three columns. x::w::new_listlayoutmanager initializes columns to a default value of 1, resulting in one list item per row. All previous examples in this chapter used this default configuration. This example sets columns to 3, resulting in three columns per list item. This example creates a list with two rows, and a x::w::separator between them. The resulting list's size() is 3: a list item with three columns, a separator, and another list item with three columns.

The results of creating a list with more than one column are as follows. Using the example of a list with three columns: