Creating text pictures


  <!-- ... -->

  <picture id="question_mark">

    <text>Lorem ipsum&#10;</text>
    <text>dolor sit amet</text>

  <!-- ... -->


A text-type picture has a transparent background, containing some text, possibly in multiple fonts and colors. The size of the text picture depends on the dimensions of the rendered text. The text picture gets typically used as a source picture in the composite command, using srcsize, halign and valign to position it in the main picture.

The text element specifies the text that makes up the picture. A newline, &#10; introduces a linebreak. An optional align element sets the relative alignment of multiple text lines to either left (default), centered, or right.

The font element references a previously defined font, for all following text, until the next font element.

The rgb element sets the foreground color for all following text, until the next rgb element. The color element selects a theme color. Alternatively, r, g, b, and a specify the value of the colors red, green, blue, and alpha channels, ranging from 0 (no color), to 1 (maximum intensity. r, g, and b defaults to 0; a defaults to 1.