Creating tooltips

<element id="fixed-canvas" tooltip="canvas-tooltip">



<tooltip type="label" id="canvas-tooltip">
    <label type='theme_text'>Click to adjust this color channel&#10;(in the currently selected color)</label>

tooltips have unique ids. The second and subsequent tooltips with the same id get ignored. type must always be label, this is currently ignored but should be set for future extensibility.

elements' tooltip attribute refers to a tooltip with the given id. More then one element may refer to the same tooltip.


Only supported theme widgets have a tooltip attribute; named element widgets are under the callbacks' control and only the callbacks can set their tooltips.

tooltips' contents are the same as label widget's label. This is equivalent to using a widget's create_tooltip() to create a basic, label tooltip.

<container tooltip="container-tooltip">



<tooltip type="label" id="container-tooltip">



container elements also have optional tooltip attributes.