Progress bar element widgets

<element id="progressbar">

<!-- ...... -->

<layout id="progressbar_label_layout" type="grid">

<factory id="progressbar_label_row" type="grid">
  <element id="progressbar_label">

<!-- ...... -->

<appearance id="custom_progressbar" type="progressbar">


Specifying an element with a progressbar creates a new theme widget which is an x::w::progressbar widget. This is equivalent to invoking the factory's create_progressbar() method.

The progressbar element's value must be an id with a matching type of a layout which generates the initial layout of the progress bar's contents. This is typically a grid layout containing a centered label widget.

An optional progressbar_config value initializes create_progressbar's x::w::progressbar_config parameter. An optional config value sets the progress bar's layout manager's optional configuration object.