properties — Set application property file


properties [ { -s | --set }=filename [ { -n | --nocheckset } ] | { -c | --clear } ] {executable...}


This command sets or clears an extended attribute of a LibCXX application that specifies its property file. The property file initializes the application's configuration. See the application's documentation for a descriptions of its configuration settings. The properties command only sets the filename where the property settings come from.

With no options, properties displays each executable's current property filename attribute. --set replaces any existing property filename attribute (if any). --clear removes the property filename attribute completely, leaving it unspecified.

--set checks if the property file exists, and reports an error if the specified property file does not exist. Only the file's existence is checked, properties has no means of determining if its contents comprise a valid application configuration. --nocheckset disables this check, and the property filename setting gets updated even if the specified file does not exist.