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This is an optional add-on library to LIBCXX, which adds classes and templates that use the unixODBC library and provide SQL access to any database server with an ODBC driver. Install LIBCXX first, and see its documentation for more information on building with LIBCXX. Then install this library, and use the following classes and templates after linking with -lcxxsql. There's also direct support for inserting and fetch fixed precision mpf_class values from the GMP library.

First, an environment object enumerates configured ODBC drivers and data sources. A connection object establishes a connection or a login to a database, and executes individual statements, which update table content or fetch resultsets.

A statement object can be used only by one thread a time. The environment and connection objects are generally thread safe. Note, though, that transaction scope affects an entire connection. A thread that starts a transaction puts all statements executed by other threads within the same transaction. When using transactions, it's generally easier to have a separate connection object for each thread.

The SQL database interface sub-component of LIBCXX SQL Library implements an XML schema for describing the SQL database schema, and supplies a stylesheet that creates classes which construct and execute SQL queries using an object-oriented interface. Execute SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE SQL, with complex joins, without writing a single character's worth of literal SQL, with the SELECT producing a beginning and an ending iterator over input sequences that iterate over the SELECTed rows.