Chapter 47. Properties and debugging


Setting properties
Locked display when setting breakpoints in callbacks
Lockups at program startup
Lockups at program terminations
Windows no longer getting updated

LibCXX Widget Toolkit uses LibCXX's application properties for some of its internal configuration. Properties are individual configuration settings that control some runtime behavior. A brief overview follows, see LibCXX's documentation for more information.

Setting properties

There are several ways to temporarily set individual properties for debugging purposes. The direct way is to just set them in main():

#include <x/property_value.H>

int main()
    x::property::load_property("x::w::disable_grab", "true", true, true);

    // ...

Alternatively, properties can be placed in a separate file. If the binary executable is helloworld, LibCXX checks if exists in the same directory and loads it:



libtool creates a shell script wrapper when linking an executable with a shared library from the same build tree. gets ignored in that case because helloworld is a wrapper script that sets up a temporary link path and loads the real binary from the .libs subdirectory.

A temporary static link build is one option in that situation.

The PROPERTIES environment variable overrides the default properties file location; or the properties command can be used to embed the properties file path into the executable. See properties(1) for more information.