Ephemeral and temporary parameters

Most TLS sessions make use of ephemeral DH parameters to effect the key exchange between the client and the server. These objects are created on the server side of a TLS session.

#include <x/gnutls/dhparams.H>
#include <x/gnutls/pkparams.H>

x::gnutls::dhparams dh(x::gnutls::dhparams::create());


x::gnutls::dhparams is a reference to a reference-counted object that represents an ephemeral DH parameter. x::gnutls::pkparams is a reference to a generic superclass that implements the public key parameter interface, for future extensibility, such as generate(), which generates a new parameter. At this time, the only subclass is x::gnutls::dhparams; the temporary RSA parameter implementation has been obsoleted. get_pk_algorithm() returns GNUTLS_PK_DSA, that indicates the implementing subclass of x::gnutls::pkparams.