Loading system-generated ephemeral parameters

Generating ephemeral parameters is an expensive experation. A common approach is to pregenerate them in advance, and save them in a secure file. The low-level methods to export and import emphemeral parameters are provided in the x::gnutls::pkparams-referenced object. Another approach is to import a system-provided temporary parameter file that gets periodically regenerated.

#include <x/gnutls/dhparams.H>

x::gnutls::dhparams dh(x::gnutls::dhparams::create());


A system-wide process periodically generates new DH parameters and saves them in the directory specified by the x::gnutls::tlsparamsdir property. import() searches this directory for the first file from the following list, and loads the parameters from the file: user.USERNAME.dh*, group.GROUPNAME.dh+, system.dh.


*USERNAME is the process's effective userid.

+GROUPNAME is the process's effective group id. Additionally, any supplementary group ids are also checked.